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    Sometimes, flowers and nice grass aren’t enough to achieve the landscape that you want. When you need something extra, something that brings that design to life, it’s time to think about adding hardscapes to your landscape design. Hardscapes is a general term used for the parts of your landscaping that aren’t living. These are things like walkways, patios, etc. At Bach’s, we help with the complete design and installation of hardscapes. Read on for more details about the hardscapes that we offer.

  • Hardscapes

    At Bach’s, our trained professionals have the skills and experiences to craft custom hardscapes for your home. From a walkway out the back door to a complete outdoor kitchen, it’s us to call for superior craftsmanship and high-grade materials. We provide the following hardscapes:

    • Patios
    • Paver Patios
    • Brick Patios
    • Stone Patios
    • Walkways
    • Paver Walkways
    • Stone Walkways
    • Outdoor Living Area
    • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Water Features
    • Ponds
    • Fountains
    • Retaining Walls
    • Etc.
  • Benefits of Adding Hardscapes

    Hardscapes can help take your yard to the next level. Whether it’s adding seating or creating a place where you can escape, hardscapes can help you achieve your landscaping design goals. Take a look at some of the following benefits of adding a hardscape to your landscaping:

    • Property Value – Depending on the project and the quality of the job, hardscapes can improve the property value of your home - especially with custom stone or brickwork.
    • Living Area – Hardscapes bring the living room outside with places for seating, eating, cooking and much more.
    • Enhance – Giving your beautiful flowers and plants elegant framing with hardscapes could help bring out the best in both.
    • Extend – With a fire pit, you won’t have to go inside when it starts getting cold.
    • Prevention – Hardscape installation can help solve grading and drainage issues as well as help with erosion control.
    • Footprints – With walkways and stone paths, keep people where you want them and away from where you don’t (trampling your flowers)
    • Privacy – Use hardscapes to block viewpoints from neighbor’s yards, the street, wooded areas, etc.
    • Atmosphere – Use water features such as ponds and fountains to add serenity in a chaotic world.